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Translation: Didier Briel
 ReVival #45
ReVival #45Winter 2012-2013

This issue will be special: bigger issue (more pages) AND an exclusive game for NEC PCEngine Super CDRom2 (Turbo-Duo) called Revival Chase!

Availability: february 2013.

You can find a part of the contents below.

Thank your for your patience! You can buy this package from Good Deal Games and Fury Unlimited in USA, and 16/32 System in UK. And pre-orders will be opened.


(translation: Didier Briel)

 Happy content
  • In short

  • Home console tests:

    Mage (Odyssey2)
    Mayhem (Odyssey2)
    Bang Bang Busters (Neo-Geo)
    Princess Quest (MSX)
    Christmas Carol (Intellivision)
    Crazy Brix (Atari 7800)
    The Way of Exploding Foot (Colecovision)
    Downfall (Atari Jaguar-CD)
    Titan Warrior (NES)
    Fireman (Colecovision)
    Treasure of Carribean (Neo-Geo)
    Hot Dog (Atari Lynx)
    Heroes Arena (MSX)
    Seawed Assault (Atari Ú600)
    Moon Cresta (Atari 7800)

  • Overdrive (Vectrex)

  • Interview Howard Scott Warshaw

  • Making-of REVIVAL CHASE (NEC PCEngine Super CDRom2)

 Issue: february 2013

cover #45

Some samples

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