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Translation: Didier Briel
 ReVival #44
ReVival #44Winter 2011-2012                         FULL COLOR!          

                                         samples: here!

Finally ReVival is back! We have been conspicuously absent for several months but here we are again with a hot issue, chock full of beautiful and good things. The homebrew video gaming planet is expanding! Given the news on Vectrex and Colecovision, you will understand that it was difficult not to give them more space than others, especially since the titles are excellent, be it Sundance, Vector Pilot or Puzzli, we would like all homebrew productions to be at this level!
However the Dreamcast, GBA, Atari 2600, Astrocade and other Lynx and Jaguar are not to be outdone and also show that they are ready to fight back, with news certainly less abundant but equally interesting to study and practice!

The content of issue 45 is already quite packed and will continue the hard work began since our issue 29. You may not have noticed, but 15 issues of ReVival have already been translated into English. Not bad, he?
We hope you are fully satisfied with the current formula. Feel free to give us feedback and mention ReVival around you. Because you understand it's our passion and we prefer to use 100% of our meager free time for testing, writing and letting you discover the video gaming pearls on a maximum of machines rather than spreading ourselves too thin in communication, even if we agree that it is essential for homebrew video gaming to get the representation it deserves.

Any participation is also welcome, especially when it comes to articles written natively in English. Think about it!
We'll conclude by thanking our partners outside of France: Good Deal Games, Fury Unlimited and 16/32 Systems. Thanks for their support and action to promote homebrew video gaming, since all three offer a fully packed catalog in this area.

Good retro gaming and our best wishes for 2012 to all ReVival readers!


(translation: Didier Briel)

 Happy content
  • In short

  • Home console tests:

    War of the Worlds    Vectrex
    Debris Revisited    Vectrex
    Vector Pilot    Vectrex
    Sundance    Vectrex
    V-Hockey    Vectrex
    Ozma Wars    Colecovision
    Puzzli    Colecovision
    Penguin Land    Colecovision
    Alien Greed Saga    Atari 2600
    Bitchy-X    Atari Lynx
    Superfly DX    Atari Jaguar CD
    Relief Pitcher    Atari Lynx
    Irides    Dreamcast
    Kitty’s Catch    NES
    Motocross Challenge    GameBoy Advance
    Thruster    Zodiac
    Crazy Climber    Astrocade

 Issue: february 2011

cover #44

Some samples

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